Project Based Learning (PBL)

Imagine a school with no textbooks... Run by professional educators who create an atmosphere of learning and a culture of curiosity.

Top students know how to learn. They love research and writing, they love reading, and they love to present their findings to everyone who will listen.

The Project Based School uses research-based strategy to foster creativity and teach a love of learning.

The Project Based School - Founded by:

Dr. Joe & Dr. Elvia Rodriguez

Joe Rodriguez, Ed.D

Professor Emeritus
Stephen F. Austin State University
Nacogdoches, Texas

Dr. Joe Rodriguez was faculty at SFA in the Department of Secondary Education and Educational Administration. He was also the Director of several Title VII grants from the U.S. Department of Education.

He was awarded the title 'Regents Professor' for the millions of dollars in grant money he brought to the university over his three and a half decades. He specialized in training administrators, and using grant money, awarded Masters degrees to hundreds of students working on their bilingual certification as administrators.

His central message: 'People support that which they help build,' is at the core of project based learning.

Elvia Rodriguez, Ed.D

Professor Emeritus
Stephen F. Austin State university
Nacogdoches, Texas

Dr. Elvia Rodriguez was Chair of the Department of Elementary Education.

As the first female Chair of the Department, Dr. Elvia Rodriguez was a pioneer in providing professional development for educators in bilingual school processes including one-way and two-way immersion dual language, ESL, bilingual classrooms and more.

Her work earned her the title of 'Regents Professor.'

Using project based learning as a core teaching tool, she advocates for more critical thinking from both educators and students.

Work with The Project Based School

PD Workshops

Get ready to jump-start your knowledge of project based learning! In these exciting one and two-day workshops, your educators will be presented with everything they need to know to get started working with and creating projects for their classrooms.


We recommend administrators go through this workshop separately and before sending teachers. Whether you hope to use PBL as supplemental learning or as core-curriculum, administrators can feel the opportunity after completing The Project Bsed School workshops!

Teachers & Staff

If your teachers are ready to go beyond the textbook, a PBL workshop from The Project Based School will get their creative juices flowing!

By the end of one and two-day workshops educators will be exposed to:
• How project based learning works
• How students feel when working on projects
• How projects can be used as core-curriculum or supplemental


Trained professionals visit individual classrooms and provide evaluations of teachers using project based learning. In one-on-one sessions, coaches provide feedback with specific recommendations. In some cases coaches model best practices in the classroom as a visiting speaker.

Coaching is based on the needs of the school and district and therefore each case is unique.

Center Charts

Project based learning starts at the youngest ages through the use of centers.

PBL Camps

Imagine a 5-day immersion into an education world without textbooks!

PBL Camps for professional development of educators puts teachers and administrators through a rigorous set of group projects meant to remind adults what it is like for students to learn new topics.

By the end of the camp week educators will be able to:
• Produce their own content-specific, grade level-specific, projects
• Align projects to state standards
• Evaluate, and provide feedback and grades for student work
• Coach students in presentation do's and don't's
• Produce tests that appropriately judge student learning

PBL Camps for students provide an exciting mix of group and individual projects from multiple fields of study. Mixed in with camp songs, skits, and even a talent show, Student camps provide an excellent start to a new school year or a great way to wrap up a successful one!